For English speaking clients :)

For English speaking clients I’m very pleased to share the English version of the Nursery’s Flyer.
Make sure you share it widely and wisely!

Reach out to book a visit and discuss your plantation plans for the coming season. Weather you plan for an orchard or you want to add one single fruit tree in your garden. I’ll be happy to help you choose a tree that suits your expectations.

With more than 40 types of pear trees but also quince, fig tree, hazelnuts trees or peach tree, I’m sure you’ll find one that pleases you. Or you might want to go for the classic berries that we all like. Or why not go for the unusual like Goji or Sichuan pepper: choice is yours!

As for lot’s of things, it’s better if you can plan ahead so you’ll have the tree you want for next planting season (autumn/winter 2023). I sell my fruit trees bare-rooted. It means hey are available from mi-November to end of March. It’s the best time of the year for planting and makes sure the trees are off for a good start.

Other fruit bushes and berries trees are available all year long: availability depends on mother nature’s good will and the growing seasons. And if you’re looking for something specific, you can ask: I’ll do my best to find the seeds and try some new things too!

Our English speaking clients can be assured they’ll receive a warm welcome (and don’t worry about your French!).
Hope I’ll see you soon

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